We All Breathe The Same Air

“We all breathe the same air” “We all breathe the same air”, which is the same as saying we are all swim in the same ocean of consciousness. To change our world, our job is to change our consciousness of our world. If we have disharmony in our...read more

How being grateful makes you abundant.

How being Grateful makes you Abundant. Feeling grateful with your heart is one of the most powerful practices you can do.  May we all remember how powerful gratitude is, and may we be grateful for what we Already have and for all that is yet to come.  I have...read more

How to demonstrate sovereignty

How to demonstrate sovereignty You do not have to be affected or influenced by your environment, or by anything in your outer world! You can claim your health and your strong immune system! You have been preparing yourself for this time. You did the work to remember...read more

Slow Down and Feel

Get in touch with your feeling world We are in a time of transformation and an important time of our history.  Old lineage wounds and belief systems are coming up to be transformed, individually and in the collective consciousness of society now. We are all being...read more

Claim & Enjoy your Miracles.

I enjoy watching my girls enjoy their holidays!I remember when I was growing up in Houston in the mid 70’s, when things were really ‘booming’ and I’d  wake up excitedly Christmas morning to an abundance of gifts...read more