I enjoy watching my girls enjoy their holidays!

I remember when I was growing up in Houston in the mid 70’s, when things were really ‘booming’ and I’d  wake up excitedly Christmas morning to an abundance of gifts overflowing under the tree. I also remember the oil bust of the late 70’s when there was not much under the tree.

I enjoyed the opportunity to experience the blessing of having plenty and the blessing in ‘believing’ I had very little.

Most of us, at one time or another, had the experience of feeling we didn’t have something that we desired; whether it be a loved one, or something we believe we missed out on, or some material item or monetary value we felt we lacked or had lost. 

This Christmas, I am inviting you to WHAT IS REAL this holiday season.
My girls thriving (pictured above) is what is real for me. 

I am inviting you to your true joy and it won’t be found in your lists of what you don’t have. It will be found in  your gratitude of what you do have. 

The belief in ‘not having’ isn’t real. 

When we find we are focused on ‘what’s not’, what you’re not, what they are not, how they are not treating you, what you don’t have…
blah blah blah…

We have a choice. We can remember, none of that is real!!


Our experiences of ‘not having’  may seem very real-and for our feeling world, they are. However, if we are in lack of any kind, we are recreating a past experience.  

Be gentle and loving with yourself if you have feelings of ‘not having’ come up.

Again, it was a real experience for your feeling world, it was a real experience of the feeling of loss and/or not having.

Your feeling world is at the level of a three year old.
How loving would you be with a three year that felt sad about loss?  EXTREMELY LOVING and GENTLE.

And at the same time, remember:
It is just a memory. It is just a memory of loss.

What happens when you SEE and FEEL the LOVE you already HAVE  NOW?

What happens when you let in all the gifts already surrounding you?

What happens when you feel the enormous miracle in the things you do daily- like breathing, and living under a sun that shines, and a beautiful  moon that puts you to bed?


Is it time time to take your attention off your outer world and FEEL your  INNER peace of ‘already having’ everything you desire and require?
My call to you today is to reclaim your child like preciousness and see all things as precious and pure. Remember your true spirit this season. Believe in magic and miracles and goodness, just as you did as a child.  

I invite you to believe in your miracles ALREADY DONE, and  ALREADY HERE  in your family, your health, your finances and your relationships.
In our season of celebration, what could be more awe-inspiring and worthy of celebration than enjoying our love?

I am grateful for those times in my life when things seemed excruciatingly painful. Those times have gifted me with my deep and rich appreciation I now have for my life. 

Life is a miracle.
All of it- including sadness, pain and loss.


Celebrate the miraculous of it all!

Can you love what you feel? 
Will you remember your joy of already having?
Will you love LOVE?

You are the ultimate creator of the life and you are the only one who controls your mind, your thoughts and your feelings. You can either believe in lack or you can believe in plenty, the choice is yours.

Wrap your arms around yourself this Holiday Season! 

Notice goodness around every corner.  It may be a moment, a memory or a feeling  – it’s the sweet birth of something good inside you,  your very own miracle.

By being in ‘already having’, you will experience miracles beyond your wildest imagination.
I am grateful for the miracles I continue to experience. I thank you for being a part of them.  Our families thriving is my own personal heaven.

Your miracles are already here.  Claim them and enjoy them now.