How to demonstrate sovereignty

You do not have to be affected or influenced by your environment, or by anything in your outer world!

You can claim your health and your strong immune system!

You have been preparing yourself for this time. You did the work to remember your sovereignty and claim your health. 

Yes, we will take great care of ourselves. Yes, we will stay IN.  We will  stay in meditation, decree and prayer. We will honor ourselves and others, by going within.  

What is of utmost importance is to stay in  our sovereignty and demonstrate what sovereignty looks like. Stop participating in fear based thinking and conversations (if you are). Turn off the news. Go within to the peace and security of your own inner knowing and understanding. 

Remember where there is fear, YOU are faith! 

Be an example of what it means to live consciously.

Be an example of what it means to walk in faith and security. 

You are only susceptible if you allow yourself to be in fear. Fear weakens our immune system. Faith strengthens it. 

Yes, we are in a time of change…

AND it is a beautiful renewal.

There are clear skies now over China, and flowers  blossoming out of burnt land in Australia. There are dolphins playing in clean waterways in Venice, and birds flocking and animals thriving.  Families are being together!

When we slow down and join together and change something through consciousness, IT CHANGES. Science has showed the effects of “when two or more are gathered in my name”. When people are gathered with a common outcome or desire, they create it. Now is the time for us to come together and envision health and thriving. Our own individual security radiates through our collective consciousness. Again, studies show when we vote victory together and are in our faith together,  it radiates and restores harmony to our planet.

And it begins with one person CHOOSING to change their own consciousness – not to enforce it- but to change their own consciousness to faith, love and thriving. You could almost say it spreads… like a virus…because it does. SPREAD FAITH AND COURAGE!

You have played in consciousness with me and gathered your tools. NOW IS THE TIME TO USE THEM! NOW IS THE TIME TO LIVE THEM!  Now is the time for us to each personally claim our health and our hearts desires. Now is the time for us to each personally transform and by doing so, we transform our world.

Imagine seeing only health and happiness around you. Imagine your world now that YOU are secure and in peace.  We have an opportunity now to individually choose and decree what we desire for the future of our families and for the future of our earth.

DO YOUR OWN INNER WORK. Now is the time to outcome map, decree, meditate and pray. 

What is available to us now is everyone secure, sovereign and thriving on our planet. Imagine a world where all sickness is consumed into the light of purity and love. Imagine greater and greater levels of joy sweeping across and INTO our country and our world.

Remember, your  body is designed to sustain you in radiant health. Your body has innate intelligence and already knows what to do with this. Your body is designed to live and thrive.Trust your body wisdom to only give you experiences for your growth. 

Stay in your faith. Claim and decree your health  and prosperity.Claim health and prosperity for all people in our world! Trust  and know everything is transforming for our world’s greatest and highest good. Enjoy this time of going WITHIN and slow down.

We are in a renewal! See and feel our world thriving!