With Honor Godin, Professional Holistic Life Coach and Educator

Have you had a certain area of your life where you have had continuous struggle?

Is it time to take your life to the next level?

What if you could ‘upgrade’ your life instantaneously by shifting your thoughts, words and feelings? 

Be sure to attend this powerful class which will be beginning of our consciousness upgrades together. You will be supported in remembering your true power, shifting your language to language of empowerment and catching self- sabotage before it acts. We will find our deep feeling and create our dream lives.

Consciousness Class with Honor:

What is Consciousness?

Our consciousness is our thoughts and feelings. Our thoughts and feelings are heavily influenced by toxins in our inner and our outer world. A large percentage of our population has been in a state of unconsciousness and has identified themselves as their thoughts and feelings.

Our thoughts and feelings are not who we are, although they do generate our reality.

You may have noticed you have had a bit of a soap opera in your life or in your family. This “soap opera” has been playing for generation upon generation. Someone generations ago, they forgot they were watching and that they had the power to change the channel. This perspective has been passed down generation upon generation until YOU.

You entered into to this “reality” to wake up and realize WHO YOU REALLY ARE and to take control of the channel changer and ‘UPGRADE’ you and your entire family.

Language of Empowerment

Language is the breath we inhale and then expel through the sacred organ of our vocal chords. To inhale is to inspire and each word we say has the power to inspire or the power to destroy. With our language, we can change the way we feel about ourselves and the way we see our world. Be sure to attend this powerful class and ‘upgrade’ your entire language.

  • Feel how your language affects your states of being, your feelings and what you are producing in your life.
  • Experience ease in your communication both personally and professionally.
  • Learn to speak honestly and directly.

Sacred Body Language Translations

  • Express your personal truth with full confidence.

What is your Body Telling You? And, what is your body saying to others about you?

In the evolution of consciousness, our bodies are the storing banks of genetic, experiential, and collective memories. Honor demonstrates the ‘other conversation’ going on between and within individuals through their physical movements, body sensations, body symptoms and energies in our environment. Anyone committed to conscious communication, success, health and prosperity will benefit from these teachings– enriching your ability to express and understand yourself as well as those around you.

Your Conclusion: Closing Talks + Q&A with Honor Godin

This is your time to reflect on all the upgrades you received and embody all your consciousness tools. You will be going home ‘new’ with a new way of seeing and a new way of operating in your life. Enjoy continuous success using your self-coaching tools. Return home to your upgraded’ life.