“We all breathe the same air”

“We all breathe the same air”, which is the same as saying we are all swim in the same ocean of consciousness.

To change our world, our job is to change our consciousness of our world.

If we have disharmony in our lives,  it means we have disharmony in ourselves.

How do we change what is happening in our outer world? By changing our inner world.

And how do we change our inner world? By waking ourselves up to the unconscious patterns that have been creating our reality and then transforming these unconscious patterns, word by word, and feeling by feeling. 

Have you noticed you have had an area of struggle?

Much of our society has been living with the same old patterns. They learned to just settle with those same patterns of upset each day. They believed that life was a struggle and this was ” just the way life is”.               

Every limitation is believed in….

We did not come here to struggle.

We came here to wake ourselves up from struggle! 

We came here to THRIVE. 

We thrive by discovering our subconscious, lineage patterns and reversing them. This is essential to our individual and collective success.

It literally takes more energy to struggle than to live our abundant lives! 

Time to Change. Time to Awaken.
Time to Thrive!
Time to Shine! 

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Many miracles ahead for us all!
And grace, speed, and ease to us all in our upgrades.