Get in touch with your feeling world

We are in a time of transformation and an important time of our history. 

Old lineage wounds and belief systems are coming up to be transformed, individually and in the collective consciousness of society now. We are all being called to ‘wake up’ to social conditioning, social biases, limiting beliefs and archaic ways of thinking. We are being asked to see through ALL outer appearances. 

When the protesting began last week, I began sharing consciousness tools with my clients and on social media. I was locked in to supporting others  and myself in seeing our nation’s events through the lens of consciousness and then I realized something. I realized I had yet to allow myself to truly listen, hear and feel. I had yet to ‘meet’ the feeling world of our people who were sharing their painful experiences.  

I was required to slow down and FEEL. 

When I did slow down, I heard my own heart. 

And when I heard my own heart, I heard a cry.

I heard a cry for “Momma”, which is the universal sounding cry for help.

I heard humanity’s cry for Divine Mother.

Divine Mother says, 

     I am listening.

     I hear you.

     I see you.

     I love you.

     I am with you..

Feelings are sacred. We can have all the consciousness tools in the world, and yet if we are not tender with our own feeling world and others, then we are missing the blessing we are here to be.

We are being asked to see through all outer appearances and into the heart of ALL men and women. The illusion of separation and duality is coming up to be transformed, as are feelings of anger, fear, confusion, resentment, guilt and shame. We can see what is ‘returning’ by seeing what is coming up.

Where there is fear- faith.

Where there is confusion – clarity, and truth.

Where there is guilt and shame- purity and innocence.

The beauty of life is we grow, change and evolve. We can create something new and beautiful. We are in a beautiful time of transformation. It may seem like a time of unrest, division, and disharmony, and it is actually the restoration of harmony, unity, ease, and love. We have an opportunity to recreate our lives and enjoy a beautiful future.

We are being asked to change our consciousness and do our own inner work now more than ever before. In fact, our current trajectory requires we wake up to unconscious beliefs and feelings. We are required to forgive our own individual experiences now of separation, oppression, and the ‘misuse’ of power.

If we hold on to perceived ‘wrong doings’, then we accept a view of ourselves through the lens of the outer.

If we try to adjust the outer world’s view of us, then we are still giving our power away to the outer.

It is the most beautiful liberation to transcend our limiting beliefs.

We are all being asked to see one another as sacred and precious.

Be willing to find your limiting beliefs.

Be willing to find your unconscious patterns.

Be willing to see new perspectives.

Be secure love in your world.

Secure Love does not take sides.

Secure Love is not defensive.

Secure Love does not complain.

Secure Love says,

“Everyone is welcome at my table”

“Everything is okay”

Humanity has been in fear and fight or flight. Restoring security to our feeling world restores security to all of humanity’s feeling world. Each man and woman finding forgiveness and claiming their own inner security and their own power to create their reality ensures the security and thriving of all people. The illusion lives in fear, hate, anger, and separation. If you are rebelling against hate, and hating hate, then you are the problem and not the solution. Feel your own security and people will feel secure in your presence.

Slow down and FEEL the power that beats your own heart. FEEL your union with all of life. The most important thing for you to do now is to maintain harmony in your feeling world.

Say to the outer, PEACE BE STILL!

And then…

  • Imagine your world now that YOU are secure, honored and cherished in your world.
  • Imagine seeing only health, happiness and love around you.
  • Imagine seeing all people thriving and playing together in our Heaven on Earth.
  • Imagine all people seeing each other’s beauty and perfection.
  • Imagine all people seeing what is inside one another’s heart, with no attention to how they look on the outside.

Be our world’s salvation by allowing yourself to be made ‘new’. Be our world’s salvation by FEELING deeply. Be our world’s salvation by loving and enjoying your lives.It is okay to relax and enjoy life. Our thriving world is here, now.

Stay in ‘already done’.