Welcome.  I am so happy you are here. 

Is it time to give you what is most precious and important to your heart ? 

I  support you in being clear on your heart’s truest desires and HAVING your dreams fulfilled.

Instead of information, I give you instruction.

I am about real, true, deep, permanent transformation.

When I agree to work with someone individually, I am agreeing to supporting them in thriving in all areas of their life. 

You have my commitment to support you in achieving your goals  and living your dreams. 

Is is time to take your life to the next level? Have you received hints that it is time to thrive?



One on One Life Coaching

One on One Life Upgrade Coaching with Honor  will support you in finding subconscious, limiting beliefs and the stored thought , word, feeling  patterns that they were created in and that are associated with the belief.  These patterns may have kept you from having your highest choices in relationships, finances , career and in all aspects of your life.  Honor will support you in finding the deep feeling that has held these beliefs in place and then support you in transforming those feelings . The result is a new way of seeing and being in your life in which you are fulfilled , on purpose and in harmony in  yourself and with others 

Customized Decrees

You will receive customized decrees to help you move upscale with ease. Your decrees ares customized to support you in transforming your thought/word/ emotional patterns. Your  decrees, when said with feeling will actually reverse old beliefs and have you claim your new state. You will literally shift your life, your being and your reality with powerful decrees that support your specific movement in consciousness. 

Customized Nutritional Program

Customized Nutritional Program to support you in cleaning the terrain of your body.

Customized Herbal Program

Recordings of Your Sessions

Keep your full awareness on your session and enjoy the convenience of being able to review your session by listening to the recording.

Access to a Team of Powerful Coaches

Honor will introduce you to an amazing team of expert coaches. You will be invited to retreats and immersions with some of the most conscious people in her field.

Text and Email Support

Text support when you require on the spot guidance.
Email support (response within 24 hours).

Speak Consciously

Change your language and change your life. The way we use language daily- whether we are talking  ourselves shapes our thoughts and feelings, thereby creating our reality. Be an expert on speaking consciously and master your life with ease.

Upgrade Subconscious, Limiting Beliefs

Our subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than our conscious mind. Our subconscous mind is where our feelings and beliefs are stored. We operate 90-95% our lives from our subconscious programs. Discover profound insights and understanding into what is currently operating in your subconscious mind. Find your hidden feelings and regain your true power.

Live Your Purpose and Passion

Discover your inner heart’s successful path- personally, professionally and in your relationships. You are here to bring something specific to our world that no one else can bring. Find your heart’s mission and play in your enthusiastic, inspired life.

Transform Self Sabotage

The source of self sabotage is hidden dysfunctional subconscious beliefs and emotions .Quickly identify your hidden self- sabotage before it acts and transform self sabatoge into your greatest strengths.

Be In Your True Power

Transform your conception of Self and remember your true inner security. Be your own expression of confidence and courage in all situations. Enjoy being respected and respecting all you come in contact with. Remember your sovereignty and inner-dependence.

Create Your Dreams With Ease

Discover you have the power to manifest with ease. Apply proven methods, techniques and a systematic approach to consciously create your world, moment by moment. Awaken in consciousness your dreams fulfilled and then enjoy your new reality.

The greatest thing you can do for your family, community, country and planet IS YOUR OWN INNER WORK.

So if you’re truly choosing to UPGRADE with lightening fast speed, this is for YOU!


Create the life you love.

Remember your true security, confidence and ease.

Experience grace and ease in all areas of your life.

Have an abundance of prosperity, love, connection, intimacy and joy.

Experience true peace and inner fullfillment.

Have your healthy body.

Honor YOU and Inspire Your World!



Is it time for you to really show up and thrive?


Have your very own life coach to be with you every step of the way.






•One on One Life Upgrade Coaching with Honor

•Ten coaching sessions plus follow-up sessions.

•Recordings of your sessions: Keep your full awareness on your session and enjoy the convenience of being able to review your session by listening to the recording.

•Text support when you require on the spot guidance.

•Email support (response within 24 hours.)

•Nutritional Program

•Customized Herbal Program

•Customized Decrees

•Access to a Team of Elite Coaches and Technologies.

•THIS PACKAGE IS now half off! In addition,  I am extending the time in which you have to use your sessions. Normally it is to be used within a three month time period but I am offering this to you, at half off and you can utilize your sessions for up to ONE YEAR!


Invest in YOU and receive your miracles now. You will be so grateful you did!

honor Godin

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