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Live Online Facilitated Learning

Live, Online Trainings

 Live online facilitated trainings that are a very powerful, highly interactive, convenient and cost-effective learning experience without disrupting productivity, allowing your team to access training anywhere — while saving their time and the company’s training budget

Training Workshops

On Site Trainings

Our training workshops are live and interactive experiences ideal for large teams and company meetings. They are entertaining and highly engaging. Your people will leave the workshop with valuable take-aways and tools that can be used immediately to create a lasting impact throughout the organization

Integration and Support

Ongoing Support

 Integrate concepts and deepen your understanding after your training. Recieve a one to one opportunity to apply concepts  directly to your situation. Recieve 8 weeks of weekly calls for ongoing support and implementation of your new tools.



Emotional Intelligence:

Research has produced scientific evidence that emotional intelligence is the biggest driver of job success. Organizations are now training their employees in emotional intelligence because of the strong positive correlation between high EI and job performance.


Quantum Physics:

Our lives, our world, our relationships, and even our businesses operate on the principles of quantum physics. Quantum Physics is the branch of physics that studies matter and energy at its most fundamental level. Understanding and applying quantum physics in business can increase efficiency, maximize productivity, and create cohesive teams, resulting in exponential revenue and profit growth.

Quantum Leadership

Principles of Quantum Leadership

  1. Inclusivity – Quantum leadership encourages a more inclusive and collaborative approach to leadership. Instead of relying on a single leader to make decisions, it involves all of your teams making decisions.  
  2. Empowerment – In the traditional model, we’re trained to just do our job. With the quantum model, leaders want to empower their staff to bring them decisions and have autonomy to make decisions. 
  3. Interconnectedness – With quantum leadership, the leader and team members are all aware of how what they are doing is impacting everyone else. Everyone still has their own role, but everyone’s aware of what others are contributing and it makes for better communication and teamwork.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a valuable resource that can renew and re-ignite organizational purpose and inspire people to perform better.

  • Improve productivity and profits by improving relationships;

  • Turn problems into solutions;

  • Inspire peak performance;

  • Position leaders to develop leaders at every level.


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