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How is coaching different than counseling or therapy?
While coaching and counseling are the similar in that they both provide you with support in your wellness and growth, coaches and counselors can have significant differences in their training, methods and their goals.
A masterful coach may utilize skill sets from solution-oriented therapy approaches and cognitive and behavioral psychology but that does not make coaching the same as psychotherapy. Coaches take more of the approaches of Adler and Jung who saw individuals as the creators and artists of their lives and frequently involved their clients in goal setting, life planning, and inventing their futures, all tenets and approaches in today’s life coaching. In life coaching, the client is assumed to have the ability and take responsibility to change and grow. Therefore, life coaching is for those who are healthy and already have a desire for change .
Another difference is in their training. Many coaches do not have degrees in psychology but rather have certifications through accredited coaching programs. Life coaches are drawing more from their experiential lessons that they they have mastered for themselves. Life coaches aim to empower clients to find their own answers that live inside of them. Life coaches teach you how to coach yourself. Life Coaching is a Co-Creative Equal Partnership (the life coach helps the client discover YOUR OWN answers). The coach is a powerful stand for their client and helps him or her identify the challenges, then partners with them to turn those challenges into victories, holding the client accountable to reach desired goals. Growth and progress are rapid and usually enjoyable.
What makes this style of coaching different from other forms of life coaching?
Many people can spend years rationalizing and analyzing their feelings. When we analyze our feelings, we can get stuck, thinking ourselves in circles.
However, this style of coaching gets you out of your head and into your heart quickly!
With the support of your facilitator, you can find your deep feeling.
You can discover what has really been holding you back.
It may sound trite, but it is true- “if you can you feel it, you can heal it!”
The main difference that makes this coaching different from other forms of coaching is that we teach you to be YOUR OWN BEST COACH.
We empower you to coach you.
We give you all the tools we have so that you can learn to do this for yourself!
This form of coaching will empower you to change in minutes, what you may have been struggling with for years!
What can this style of coaching help me with?
This style of coaching can support you in ?upgrading? all areas of your life:
including relationships, family, health, business, career and finances.
It does not matter what area of your life you are struggling with; together with your life coach, you will find the root cause that exists in your own subconscious mind, and you you walk that particular area of struggle into your hearts? highest ideal of success.
What happens during a coaching session?
  1. Your life coach will support you in slowing down the incessant chatter of your mind and will facilitate you in feeling your feelings.
  2. Your coach will ask you questions to elicit a healing response in you.
  3. You may may access memory and stored emotion.
  4. You will find the origin of your limiting patterns.
  5. You will understand and have clarity about why you have been struggling.
  6. You will understand and have clarity on how your struggle is actually your great strength ?returning?.
  7. You will experience a lightening bolt of transformation as you feel your true power in the area in which you have had the most struggle.
What is the big picture, the game plan and the number of sessions?
Most clients experience massive miracles within their first session!
Most clients desire to continue to “move upscale  in their consciousness and experience daily miracles.
Having someone with you every step of the way in the beginning is sometimes essential.
Most clients will have weekly” sessions in the beginning and then after they are feeling more confident and secure , they will go to “bi- weekly”.
After you have acquired the skills to coach yourself, you may only require one session per month.
These changes are profound and the goal is: YOU LEARN TO COACH YOURSELF

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