Remember who you truly are and why you are here. 



Enlightened Iridology is a  profound opportunity to receive deep insights,  and understanding into YOU. 

Our eyes contain genetic information about who we are.

Our eyes tell us about our feelings, our beliefs , our behaviors, how we see the world, how we communicate and what are great strengths are that were hiding as latent potential before.




The fiber structures, topography and layers of color in the iris of your eye,  and the vascular activity in your sclera will be examined and read. You will be asked questions to support you in finding  limited beliefs and unconscious patterns. You will be supported in touching, feeling, resolving and forgiving long standing genetic patterns. You will understand and FEEL YOU.




Your eye reading session involves photos which are taken with a special iridology camera. By examining the photos, signals will reveal themselves and will be explored deeper through questions that elicit a healing response.

You will wake up to what your physical body is revealing via the subconscious mind.

You will FEEL YOU, and experience who you truly are. 


  • 60- 90 minutes session.

  • Nutritional and herbal suggestions.

  • Recording of your session. 

  • Homework to Embody Your Discoveries


In a world often perceived as complex, stressful and demanding, we have discovered the way home to our natural state of health, joy and ease. 

Having an Enlightened Iridology session will support you in transforming limiting beliefs. 

Remember the truth of who you are, your true power, your true gifts and purpose.

You may have a certain area of your life that you have been struggling with for some time, or maybe it is just time to take your life to the next level. Whatever the case may be this is the real deal. We have discovered we all have an inner MAP to our True Selves.


Live Your Purpose and Passion

Discover your inner heart’s path. You are here to bring something specific to our world . Find your heart’s mission and play in your enthusiastic, inspired life.

Be In Your True Power

Transform your conception of Self by claiming who you truly are and who were truly meant to be.  Realize your great strengths that were hidden before.  Reclaim your true power to generate your own life and live your life’s mission.