I Love


The dictionary describes love as an intense feeling of deep affection.

There are words such as tenderness, warmth, intimacy, and endearment used to describe love.

What happens when we can feel deep tenderness for ourselves and what WE FEEL?

What happens when we can love what WE FEEL about what others are doing?

When you can begin to shift from negative self-talk and blame to a place of self-love, forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion, then our entire world shifts. The secret though is an INTERNAL FOCUS ON WHAT WE FEEL, as opposed to an external focus on the person or the situation.

This inner awakening translates into a new perception of your outer world.

Too often, we externalize or blame someone else for the way WE are feeling. We judge them or ourselves. But whatever is showing up in our outer world, is a signal for us to love. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. When we can love what we feel and turn to internal soothing rather than trying to change the external situation; then we can have our own feeling world back. When we have our own feeling world back, then harmony is restored in us and in the person or situation that we may have had disharmony with.

Loving what we feel is the pathway back home to ourselves. When we are “at home” in ourselves, we have true security, freedom, and sovereignty.

Our job is to LOVE HOW WE FEEL about what others may doing. Many times in the past, we may act or react to the way someone behaves. Instead, if we can love how we feel, our love will change the person and the situation without us having to ever do or say anything to the other person.

It is said that “perfect love casts out all fear”.

Anger, fear, and sadness can not stand one drop of our love. The minute we touch feelings of anger, fear, or sadness with our love, they transmute to faith, power, and joy.

Stay, touch, breathe and LOVE what you feel.

When you do, you will experience miracles in your life on a daily basis.