I Stay

To “stay” means to stay and allow greater and greater return of presence and love. It means making eye contact even if you feel uncomfortable. “Staying” is always the return of love, clarity, peace, calm and connection. Many of us learned at a young age that love can be painful. Maybe we were yelled at, hit or punished by our parents. Maybe an affection towards someone was not returned, or we were laughed at. These experiences compound and create a wounded perspective.

This wounded fight or flight perspective may have had you feel as though you needed to protect yourself from love. This protection is an unconscious choice to live in fear. Fear is an illusion and requires you to unconsciously create stories that are not true, in order to hold that perspective in place. People who continue to associate love with pain ,may “survive” in a small scaled down version of their true potential for years but surviving is not thriving. It takes a conscious choice to thrive. It takes a conscious choice to “stay” and feel your feelings. Feeling your feelings means getting in touch with any pain that you may have felt or may be currently experiencing.

This may not be comfortable at first. Each of us may fear that we could be taken over by pain if we allow ourselves to feel, but the opposite is true. When we are willing to STAY and feel, we are freed up and we actually gain more energy, ease, comfort and vitality. Feeling begins with a CHOICE TO STAY EVEN IF WE MAY FEEL THE URGE TO RUN AWAY.

STAYING is being able to stay in the pocket of turmoil, survival, fear, doubt, or anger and realizing that “this too shall pass” and be transformed into all that is truly real, which is love and presence. All other emotion is the avoidance of the “moment of now” and is based in reaction of what happened in our past.

Notice if you try to “leave” your feelings by being distracted by something or by zoning out or maybe you leave your emotional body by going to eat, smoke or drink. One of the most common ways that people tend to “leave” is by going into their head and analyzing what they are feeling. Analyzing without feeling, is futile. The same problem comes back as a boomerang with more intensity. You can get so far in your life, but if you haven’t taken your “feeling world” with you, it’s just like a rubber band and you will bounce back.

To truly create your fulfilling life, you must be willing to reintegrate with your emotional body. You may have denied your most tender Self in the past, for fear you would get hurt. Have the courage to feel your deepest, most intimate feelings. The biggest gift you can give yourself is to STAY and feel. You don’t have to try to avoid pain any longer. Lean into what you feel as though you were smelling a rose. When you touch your pain with love, it transforms into beauty, love, courage, compassion, trust and security.

Stay for yourself, soothe yourself, be there for yourself, love whatever you feel and you will have eternal vitality.

You have a choice to serve fear or love. Whichever you choose, will affect you, your health, family, finances and energy.

It requires courage to choose love. It requires courage to STAY and feel.