I Touch

From a young age, many of us learned to survive by avoiding negative emotions.

As children, we came into the world deeply feeling but no matter what kind of family we were raised in, many of us were taught that it was not safe to feel. We were not taught to be secure in our own feelings. When we felt pain or fear, we may have believed that we had to protect ourselves. In fact, you may remember the first time when you felt a feeling that felt painful or uncomfortable. Maybe you felt your heart race, your breath become shallow. Maybe you began to cry or you felt sadness, or anger. Were you told to stop crying or stop being so sensitive?
Many of us learned that emotions were inappropriate so, therefore, we may have suppressed our true feelings or tried not to feel in order to escape pain. This can create confusion. Society labels some feelings as good and some as bad. The truth is all feelings are healthy as long as we can allow ourselves to feel them from a place of love and compassion. Perhaps you learned to protect yourself and guard yourself from being hurt by toughening up or armoring up. However, can you really experience love fully, if you are protecting yourself?
You are here and you survived life. But surviving is not thriving and when you bury your feelings they will continue to surface with greater intensity and you could end up struggling with depression or anxiety and have no idea why. You may feel unfulfilled. You may have challenges with intimacy or connection. Many people have not been aware of how much they have suppressed their feelings or have gone numb to what they feel in order to survive.
It may not be comfortable when you first begin to feel your feelings but feeling your feelings is the only way to true intimacy, connection, inner security and fulfillment.
Your feelings have information for you. They are signaling you what you are here to resurrect, heal and transmute. They are signaling  you your greatest strengths. Your feelings are here guide you along life’s journey and they hold the key to your life’s purpose. You can realize the beauty that your feelings hold for you when you have a willingness to feel your feelings, no matter what it is you are feeling. This acceptance and willingness means that you don’t have to spend your energy pushing the emotion away. Instead, once your feeling is felt with love, you can then find the great strength that lies within.


What would you do for a small child that felt fear, sadness or anger?

You would love them and tell them it is okay. This is what you owe you.

Can you slow down and TOUCH what you are feeling? Can you just be with what you are feeling, with out making the feeling wrong and without making yourself wrong for the way you feel?

Instead of running away from what you feel, can you sit in it? Can you touch whatever you feel, with love? When you can touch your feelings with love, miracles happen. Can you stay and be present with what you feel?

Instead of running from your feelings. Stay and TOUCH them with love.