Thank You!

 Congratulations on commiting to “upgrade” your life.  


•Before you begin your sessions, really COMMIT to change your life.   

•Be responsible for your own internal dialogue. Speak about & think about only that which you choose to create.   

•Nurture yourself and be gentle with yourself: If your mind tells you something negative or if doubt comes up, use “cancel clear” and then state your new choice.

•Forgive: Be forgiving with yourself.

•Clean the terrain of your body: Eat life giving foods. Continue to drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fresh , raw fruits and vegetables.

•Choose to make life  “fun and easy”. If your feeling that things have become challenging, say to yourself: “I choose to make this fun and easy.” 

I look forward to supporting you. 

I will be in touch with you soon. Be prepared for miracles.