This past weekend when our women were marching, I was co-facilitating a Women’s Retreat. We planned our women’s retreat month’s ago before any talks of the marches. We had no idea at the time that women all over the nation and all over the world would be standing up in their power at the same time that we were. We came together as women because we shared a new vision of all women ALREADY empowered and consciously creating their highest choices for their lives.

What we experienced together was so sacred and each one of us came home to our truest selves and went home ‘new”. One of the many things I loved about our retreat is that we were not making anyone wrong or blaming anyone. We reclaimed our power by realizing what we had all agreed to our collective consciousness. We were aware that we didn’t have to defend ourselves from our new government because if we are defending ourselves at all, then we have forgotten the truth of who we are.

We are aware that it was our collective consciousness that brought us into this conversation and it was the belief systems contained therein that were no longer serving us, whether male or female. We realize that our rights as women are God given rights for all humanity.

We realize that women fully embodied in their true power is a massive blessing for our planet and all people living on earth.

Like the women marching, we are standing up and saying yes, we are awake. We are ALREADY awake, powerful and aware!

Women are visionaries and we now have a new vision of our new world!

Is it a vision of peace or a divisiveness?

Feel your heart.
As women, we are the heart of our families AND of our world.
We bring peace where there is conflict!
We bring love where there has been hate.

We will do whatever it takes to nurture and grow our families and our world.

This is who we are and this is what our world requires of us now.

Yes, we are being called to new leadership in our world but it will not be from a place of against or even from anger or blame.

We are women and we do have super powers.

Our super powers include our abilities to love and nurture.


There is no such thing as being vulnerable.
To be vulnerable implies that we could be hurt. That is the old paradigm. When we are in our true power, we are the perfect balance of power, wisdom and love!

Our feminine qualities are our great strengths. If we are defending at all we will be in the illusion of survival and in the duality of right/wrong.

Our spirits do not have sex, race or gender.

Let us remember what we are standing up for.

Let us remember what we have awakened to.

Now that we are awake, what now?

What new vision do you hold in your heart for all humans, whether male or female?

What kind of sons and daughters will we raise?

What does our planet look like now that we have all stepped into our true power?

Yes, women are powerful leaders!

Now we remember to lead always with truth and LOVE!!