Who is Honor Godin?


The practice of giving and receiving spiritual names is actually a very old tradition. There is immense power in words as everything in creation is based on vibration. Qualities of sound permeate all of our cells.

“In Psychology Today, Dr. Elisabeth Waugaman notes that in the Native American naming tradition, names are, in fact, intended to change. Children receive names that are descriptive, they may be given new names in adolescence, and again as they go through life according to what their life experiences and accomplishments are, she explains. The idea that names are fluid and based on both evolving behavior and experience brings another dimension to the idea that life and identity is anything but static.”

For me, my life has changed so much. I have changed so much. I am honored at how far I have come. I am honored to be in my divine service and yet my name didn’t really reflect all the changes I had made. I do love the name I was born with because it is unusual and because it is a symbol of my parent’s co-creation. However, I am also aware that it tells the story of my past.

I began to notice that it was though my new name was chosen was me. I started receiving intuitive nudges to change my name and those intuitive nudges just became stronger and stronger. In fact, I would wake up in the very early morning hours with my new name on my tongue and in my awareness. I would try to ignore it. I was concerned that I was indulging myself on some whimsical tangent and when I mentioned to my family that I was playing with the idea of changing my name, they were NOT encouraging. They only confirmed my feelings of guilt and fear about it.

Many weeks passed and I decided to let the whole idea go for awhile. I had several very synchronistic events regarding my name. I had dreams about it and I even realized that the name I was receiving and hearing matched the numerology of the name on my original birth certificate/birthdate.

I shared all this with my very close friend, who I affectionately refer to as the oracle, as she is highly attuned and deeply devoted in her own spiritual practice. I shared with her the name I was contemplating and she immediately began to refer to me as my new name!

I was going, wait, wait, I’m not ready! True to form though, my friend would not let me off the hook! In fact, we recently taught a retreat together and my oracle encouraged me to introduce myself with my new name. I immediately noticed that I spoke differently. It expanded my consciousness to use my new name.

My new name changed the way I walk in my world! I had to admit my sovereignty (and in public too.. geez ). Changing my name has been growing me. It reminds me that I have the freedom to choose. It is a great symbol of my birth into my truest Self and my God Sovereignty.

My name is now Honor.

I chose this name because it is my great strength.



Okay, world, this is who I am now!

I am Honor Godin!