Forgive me, but “Just Let It Go” is bullshit.

I was recently sent a link to a YouTube video called, “Shit New Age Girls Say”. I was able to have a good belly laugh realizing that yes, I had indeed become THAT girl.

Spirulina, Chlorella, Chia seeds, Detoxing, Meditation…
I can laugh at myself but this time it got me thinking about “the shit that new age girls SAY”!

My favorite saying (not really) is, “Just let it go.”
Just let it go? Really? Go where? Where does it go?

For how long? Will it come back? When?

The truth is that while, “just let it go” sounds good and may even provide people with a very brief, albeit superficial sense of relief,
it doesn’t really work.

Everything is energy (aw shucks, here I go with that “new age” shit) but seriously, why would you choose to “let go” of energy? Energy is power. Your feelings are energy.


Feelings such as fear, stress and anger are stuck energy. “Letting it go” isn’t going to get you unstuck!
We live in a world where people practice “stress management”. What?! We have to “manage” stress now?! People believe that stress is natural and normal and “just let it go” is something you’ll hear in your yoga class as another way to “manage” the stress.

NEWS FLASH: If you have gotten to a place where you are feeling stressed, then you have been ignoring your feelings for quite some time.

So how do you get unstuck?


Stress is not actually a feeling. Stress is a term that people use to describe a state of fear. Most people don’t like feeling fear, so they try to suppress it, push it down or “just let it go”. But fear, once fully felt and experienced from a place of love, turns into faith, assurance, security, confidence and trust.

All of our feelings, especially ones like anger, sadness and grief hold great amounts of energy. When we allow ourselves to feel and give ourselves permission to let whatever we feel be okay, then the feeling transmutes and turns into a strength.

Next time, instead of trying to “just let it go”, what would happen if you were to “welcome” your feelings?

Welcome your feelings. Let them get bigger.

Give yourself permission to stay and feel your feelings.

Allow yourself to feel.
Let whatever you feel, be okay.

Tell yourself “I am secure to feel”.

And if you get teased about how “new age” you have become, wave your freak flag high knowing that all this peace and love stuff IS really REAL and YOU got/GOD it going on!

Waving my freak flag high and feeling my peace and love,